Eco-friendly Tips To Warm-up This Winter

There's one thing that Queenslanders can't seem to tolerate, the cold. We can deal with heat, rain and humidity, but give us winter and you won't hear the end of it. While heaters can warm up a space easily, they can be costly and bad for the environment. So how can we warm up ourselves without warming the planet?

Buy area rugs

One thing Queenslanders can’t deal with is cold floor in the morning. Not only will this keep your toes warm, but you can really style up a home with rugs. Check out how rugs can add to indoor bohemian aesthetic here.

Seal up your home

Have you got cold spots in particular areas of your home? It might cool winter air getting in through the crasks. So fill these up to prevent the cold air from getting inside your home by blocking that airflow. Some spots can be filled in with gap filler and others can be fixed up with temporary plugs. Door gaps can be filled in with affordable door stoppers from the store or make shift ones made from towels.

Cosy on up!

Winter is one time of the year we have a reasonable excuse to really live the home-body life so make the most of it! In no time the summer heat will hit us again and you’ll have to be your usual social self again. But for now, grab the doona, a big cuppa tea and watch your favourite show.

Move it

Don’t take the indoor life too far and allow yourself to get the SADS. There are many affordable exercise options which can fit in small spaces which will do wonders keeping you warm. Also be sure to be on the lookout of all the great events your local area has to offer, you’ll be warm in no time!

Cook warm food

Not only will this warm up your belly, but cooking a hot dish in your own kitchen will likely help warm up surrounding rooms. This solution also results in a big bowl of tasty soup to cuddle with, so I think that's a win-win.