Office Designs Show the Value of Social Workplaces

Employees are increasingly expecting more from their work environment, leading to companies seeking for office spaces which offer more than the standard layout. As convenience and enjoyable workplaces are on the list of what employees are looking for, we see changes in new office fit outs are reflecting the trend in Human Resources.

Worker’s lunchbreak are also changing as they prefer to eat with colleagues rather than alone. They also prefer to spend time in outdoor lounges and cafes instead of their desks.

It is important for the industry to recognise and embrace the fact that offices are becoming centre for social activity.

These trends have caused for employees to be drawn to major or central CBD locations. Renewal precincts such as Brisbane are being well sought after.

Aesthetics isn’t the only focus in deciding on an office space with special attention being place on reactivating workplaces to promote productivity.

Studies have found that vibrant designs encourage collaboration, with better work-life balance in turn delivering better output and efficiencies.

The evolution of open plan offices allows for flexibility within the office plan, promoting creativity, productivity and teamwork at its core. The flexible layout allows for Activity Based Working (ABW) as employees don’t have their own designated desk, but rather have access to several different working spaces which they can move around to depending on the task they are completing at that time.

Mr Prosser told Commercial Real Estate “Landlords are often increasing their budgets for spec fit outs in order to improve the overall finish to give their tenancies the point of difference they need.”