Apartment Friendly Plants

Being a Plant-parent is no longer limited to the few with green thumbs and large gardens. Those living in apartments can reap the benefits that plants bring, such as relaxation and purified air. Here are some top picks for plants that will thrive indoors or on your balcony.

Euphorbia ‘Cowboy’

If watering, re-potting and moving the plants are things you want to keep out of your to-do list, this is the plant for you. Bring your favourite cartoons to life inside your apartment with this super hardy and reliable indoor plant. This wonder of nature will allow you to pretend your thumb is as green as these plants while completely neglecting their existence. Oh, and did I mention this plant allows you to jump on the succulent trend without anyone knowing? That’s right this look-a-like cartoon cactus is actually a succulent. Tricky bugger. 

Image source: http://www.adamrobinsondesign.com/blog-posts/plant-of-the-month-the-euphorbia-cowboy


Golden Cane Palm

If it’s a tropical look that you’re after, the Golden Cane Palm will surely meet the bill. While this plants needs a little love and care (it thrives with a liquid fertilise and trip to a shaded placeonce a month) it's reletively easy to keep happy. Because despite its name - keeping the palms inside allows its foliage to appear green.

Image source: http://hannahblackmorephotography.com/


Ficus elastica ‘Burgundy’

Looking for something that will give your apartment some colour? Against a white wall, the dark burgundy coloured foliage of this guy will give your apartment a lush feel. While they can grow large, you won't need to worry about that as long as you keep the plant in pot. It’s also pretty difficult to kill this plant, unless you over water it - then this guy is done for.

Image source: http://hannahblackmorephotography.com/



This slithery fellow is also known as the Snake Plant, Mother In Law Tongue and by a few; the toughest plant alive! This hard looking plant is happy anywhere. If average isn't enoung for your Snake Plant and you want it to thrive, watering when the soil is completely dry and placing it somewhere that will give it medium light will do the trick. No pressure though, it's happy to go with the flow.

Image source: https://www.joyusgarden.com/sansevierias-aka-snake-plant-care/