Best Eco-friendly Interior Design Trends of 2018

When looking for trends to follow, going the eco-friendly route is a surefire way to ensure that your home will be comfortable, stylish and sustainable - did anyone say trifecta? Here are our favourite eco-friendly trends in interior design that 2018 has shown us so far.

1. Greenery Everywhere

A trend any plant lover can get behind! We’re seeing the trend spread its roots from gardens beds and potted plants to green walls and roofs. And with increasing population in urban areas, bringing nature indoors is a great solution for tree-loving citenzens!

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2. Natural Lighting

Natural light has always been in demand, but 2018 is seeing designers and homeowners focused on maximising the natural lighting within their homes through high ceilings and open-floor plans. Along with aesthetic benefits such as exposed beams and an overall airy atmosphere, the reduced need for artificial lighting allows you to do your little bit for the environment - all while in comfort!

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3. Bamboo

Recycled material will continue to habe wide application and is great to use because of its ability to reduce the amount in landfill while giving your home a unique style. But 2018 has seen bamboo taking the eco-friendly material spotlight. Not only is it sustainable with its ability to be used within four years of planting (versus 60-70 years of their hardwood counterparts), but it gives designs a real chic appeal.

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