New Parking Scheme Set to be Introduced for West End and Highgate Hill

After residents have made known their frustration in being parked out of their streets by commuters, a new Resident Parking Permit Scheme will be introduced for parts of West End and Highgate Hill. The map below shows the area in red which will the Parking Permit Scheme will be intorduced to.

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Under the new scheme street parking will be restricted to two hours without a permit. In this, there will be two types of permits: resident permits, which will be permanently attached to front windscreen of a particular vehicle that is registered to an address within the permit zone; and visitor permits which are cards placed on the dashboard of visiting vehicles.

Here are a few key points about the Resident Parking Permit Scheme:
  • Currently the council charges an annual fee of $10 per resident permit per year, though this may be subject to change.
  • It’s not a permit for the entire area - A permit allows you to park as long as you may like in the ‘Resident Permits Excepted’ areas on you own street, and usually one or two adjacent streets only.
  • Each household will be limited to two permits, one resident and one visitor. Some areas will remain signed as ‘unlimited’ parking, so if you have more cars than that, you can still park in these areas.

The Key Positive

Easier Parking for residents and Visitors

The key positive take away from the introduction of this scheme, is that it will discourage commuters from using your street as an all-day park-n-ride station. As there are currently
many places in West End and Highgate Hill where people will drive in, park and catch public transport into the CBD. This increases traffic congestion and competition for parking. The scheme is predicted to make 
it easier for residents and visitors to find short-term parking though increases turnover and reduces competition making your odds of snapping a park more likely.

Some concerns:


Currently the council charges $10 per permit per year. This means that as residents, you would be paying to park on your own street without the stamp of guarantee that you will even get a park. It will increase your odds of finding a park though.

Misuse of visitor permits

The reason the council are reluctant to issue multiple visitor permits per household it that some households will sell their visitor permits to motorists living in other parts of the city so that they can drive into the inner city and park all day for free. Cr Sri says “This isn’t a huge problem, and it’s not really an argument against introducing a permit scheme, but it’s something to keep in mind.”

Renters proving their Residency 

If you’re a renter who moves a lot you might be worried about proving that you’re entitled to resident parking permit. Though the council is reasonably flexible when it comes to proving where you live; looking primarily at your vehicle’s registration address. If you're concerned about proving your residency, Cr Sri says feel free to get in touch with the Gabba Ward office directly for help proving your address.

For more information check out Councillor Jonathan Sri’s explanation here.