South Brisbane – Sixth Most Popular Brisbane Suburb

New data analysis from Domain Group has found the ten most popular suburbs in Brisbane based on sales and apartments for the past 12 months to October 2018.

South Brisbane has taken the sixth place in the popularity contest, with 14 houses and 428 units – bringing the total to 442 properties sold.

South Brisbane’s growth in new properties on the market, along with its dining and retail options and proximity from the city – makes it an obvious option for home buyers and investors alike.

The suburb had the second highest sales volume units sold over the time period with 428 – seconding it in unit sales only to Brisbane City.

Taking the top place was Brisbane City, with 508 units and 27 houses sold over the 12 months – bringing the grand total to 535.

Top Sales Volumes in Greater Brisbane

South Brisbane's sales volumes come at the same time as its neighbouring suburb, West End, came in the eighth most searched Brisbane suburb.