West End

Bounded by Highgate Hill to the east and South Brisbane to the northeast, West End is situated alongside the Brisbane River. The suburb has recently seen extensive unit development, hoping to capitalise on the strong rental market.

West End has developed in the last 10 years into a lively area for nightlife. The main street precinct has attracted an array of multicultural restaurants and coffee houses.

It was once a very working class area, with a number of factories located along the river and Montague Road. As these factories began to shut down, the suburb increasingly became home to university students, alternative types, and international migrants due to its affordable housing and rents, and its proximity to the CBD.

Centred on Boundary Street, on the southern side of the river, bohemian West End has many ethnic restaurants, some interesting second-hand bookshops and multicultural food shops. The community vibe of the suburb is being increasingly threatened by newer developments and an influx of young, urban professionals who are driving rents up.

South Brisbane

South Brisbane's history extends back to the initial settlement of Brisbane, when the river caused a physical barrier to the town, creating a separate township. The magnificent South Brisbane Town Hall is still a vivid reminder of this bygone era.

These days, the William Jolly Bridge, the Victoria Bridge, the Riverside Expressway and the new Goodwill Pedestrian Bridge mean the CBD is easily accessible to South Brisbane residents.

Originally the majority of land in South Brisbane was used for general industry purposes, however, most of the land has been converted back to residential to satisfy the renewed increase in demand for near-city living.

The type and quality of residential properties in South Brisbane varies considerably, with homes ranging from older weatherboard dwellings situated on relatively small allotments, to expansive penthouse apartments with river views.

The rejuvenation of the South Bank parklands coupled with the increasing profile of neighbouring West End is attracting an increasing number of visitors and residents.

Highgate Hill

A popular inner-city suburb, Highgate Hill has experienced strong growth in median house prices during the past five years.

The suburb has easy access to the city via the William Jolly Bridge, the Southeast Freeway and the Goodwill Pedestrian Bridge and is in a commanding position with easy access to all major amenities and retail shopping.

Due to its close proximity to the city, and like many similarly located suburbs in Brisbane, Highgate Hill has experienced a strong level of gentrification of its streets and homes.

Renovation activity has been strong, with many older Queenslander-style houses being brought back to mint condition.

The suburb also has many new houses and units; overall it has a good mix of dwelling types.

Being close to the West End cafe and restaurant precinct, and indeed South Bank and the CBD, Highgate Hill has become one of the most popular lifestyle suburbs in Brisbane.