Bringing West End Boho Aesthetic Indoors

28 May 2018

With West End's blend of different cultures and times producing a mixture of colour, texture and patterns on its streets, if the suburb were to be placed in any style trend it would be Boho. And because this trend does fit our favourite suburb’s aesthetic so well, we’ve decided it high time that we compiled so...

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Downsizing might be the Solution to Prolonging Lifestyle Expectancy

21 May 2018

Downsizing can often be met with a general sadness as one leaves behind their beloved family house to live in a more manageable smaller sized home. Though, the move is not without its positives as the influences that downsizing can have on retirees’ lifestyles has persuaded many - with our lifetime expectancy increasing...

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Apartment Friendly Plants

8 May 2018

Being a Plant-parent is no longer limited to the few with green thumbs and large gardens. Those living in apartments can reap the benefits that plants bring, such as relaxation and purified air. Here are our top picks for plants that will thrive indoors or on your balcony.

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Best Eco-friendly Interior Design Trends of 2018

1 May 2018

When looking for trends to follow, going the eco-friendly route is a surefire way to ensure that your home will be comfortable, stylish and sustainable - did anyone say trifector? Here are our favourite eco-friendly trends in interior design that 2018 has shown us so far.  

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