Brisbane Steps Out of Shadows

According to former treasurer Peter Costello, Brisbane's 2018 levels in median price growth compared to southern capital cities and our prices in relation to wages are both back to the 2003 levels.

As spoken about in other posts, Brisbane’s slow capital growth over recent years and an increase in interstate migration are the key reasons for an optimistic view of our market moving forward.

However, any major restrictions on lending could slow our market and seek any growths in the local market get hit back.

Regarding open houses and auctions, we are seeing the market as awake. As some properties continue to sit idle, others are bubbling.

Economic forecaster BIS Oxford Economics says Brisbane will lead the capitals, with 13% property price growth predicted by 2021, although more of this growth will occur in 2021.

As for now, we are happy Brisbane is shining and we are seemingly leaving the shadow of our southern neighbours.