Caring For Plants In Queensland Winter

While icy winds begin to tear throughout of the country, Queenslanders still experience generally dry days. Domain give advice on caring for Queensland gardens during the colder months. Indoor and outdoor gardens alike, are valuable for adding character, style and a sense of homeliness to a property.

According to Jerry Coleby-Williams from Gardening Australia, Queenslanders should make the most of their subtropical gardens.

indoor plants

In May, he says to “finish planting container-grown tropical fruit trees, remove spoiled and fallen fruit”. Fallen fruit can be buried a metre down as a sort of compost, or thrown away.

orange tree

Another task that Queensland green-thumbs should undertake while the dry season is in full swing is general maintenance. Cleaning the leaves from ponds and water features makes your yard a safe refuge for birds travelling through and for any fish you might have.

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