Take a Walk Through West End

This walk explores the changing face of West End from the time of first contact between Europeans and Aborigines, through the waves of migration, to the more recent impact of Expo88 and the new planning guidelines which will change the community in ways yet to be understood.

According to Streetwalkers Guide to West End, the West End community have always had a strong sense of their own destiny - "a community with a reputation for pushing the boundaries".

If you are interested in partaking in the walk and learning of West End's history, download this guide from Streetwalkers Guide to West End.

The leisurely walk can take approximately 2 hours. You would begin the walk at the intersection of Boundary and Vulture streets and head east towards Musgrave Park to explore the activist and housing history of the suburb along the way. The guide will teach you about the three square mile exclusion zone established in 1846 which prohibited Aborigines from entering the town boundaries from 4pm and on Sundays. At Musgrave Park the walk will take you into and across the main gathering point for Aboriginal people since the time of urbasisation of the area. Back on the western side of the park you will be able to explore the Greek community's history and impact on the area, finally completing the walk back on Boundary Street.

Walk No. 2: Beyond the Boundary. Aboriginal, Greek and Activist History

See The Street Walkers Guide to West End for more Walking Guides and to learn more of West End's rich history.