Suburb Profiles

West End

Known as an eclectic and dynamic suburb, West End is situated by the Brisbane River, bounded by Highgate Hill and South Brisbane.

Once a working-class area, the suburb was filled with a number of factories. However, as these began to shut down, the suburb increasingly became attractive to university students and international migrants due to its affordable housing and rents along with its close proximity to the CBD.

West End’s heritage has seen it develop into a fusion of cultures as the inner-city suburb’s shops, restaurants and lively lifestyle showcase a mixture of alternative and vintage charm.

The dining and shopping options have all contributed to the vibrant atmosphere which is present both day and night. These venues and the unique community vibe that West End holds has led to locals all over Brisbane venturing out to visit the popular alternative nightspot.

To capitalise on the strong rental market, the suburb has recently seen extensive unit development. Despite new developments, the community vibe remains to make it a great location for young, urban professionals. Due to the developments and influx of this demographics’ attraction to the area, there has been an increase in rent in the area.

Along with many retail stores offering quality fresh groceries, West End is home to the West End Markets which further adds to the community feel to the area.