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Eco-friendly Tips To Warm-up This Winter

17 July 2018

There's one thing that Queenslanders can't seem to tolerate, the cold. We can deal with heat, rain and humidity, but give us winter and you won't hear the end of it. While heaters can warm up a space easily, they can be costly and bad for the environment. So how can we warm up ourselves without warming the pl...

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Residential Renting Basics

10 July 2018

For those new or just unfamiliar with residential renting, this is the guide for you! Here we explain a lease, bond and condition report.

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Places to Go in West End: Coffee

3 July 2018

West Ender locals have the fortune of endless choices in cafes which could make anyone else green with envy. And for good reason - we love our coffee! There's too many cafes in West End for us to list them all, so we've collected some recommendations for any cafe needs.

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Renters are Peeved about Current Pet Ban

26 June 2018

Its a known fact that Australia loves pets. With 62% of our houselds having pets, we have the highest rates of household pet ownerships in the world. In Queensland alone, 39% of houses have a dog, 24% a cat and 12% have both. However, only 10% of our rentals allow pets.

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The Evolution of Australian Households

19 June 2018

Australia has been in transition for some time now. Over the years, newly discovered technology and communication methods have allowed us to step away from old ideals as we seek newfound independence and lifestyles that ‘feel right’ to us as individuals. Let’s reminisce and look at how the average Australian...

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